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Alexine O'Fiel Stevens

  Artist Statement              




Art is an adventure to me.  I love art in every form; contemporary, modern, abstract, surreal, etc..  There are no boundaries. When I paint, it's as if  I am writing a story on the canvas and the work takes on its own life.  Creating variations of colors and scenes is an amazing experience.  Sometimes, I will start a project I think may go on forever, then, all of a sudden, it is finished.  It's complete!  Its as if I became lost in the painting and the painting painted itself.  I can paint for hours and not realize the day has passed, night has come and gone, and I see the sun rising.  It is always something different. I never tire of it.


Abstract art is unpredictable.  Experimenting with different media is fascinating.  I use the reactions of how they interact to create texture and depth to my work.  Colors evoke moods.  I feel the more brilliant the color, the more passionate and expressive the creation.  When I have strong feelings about something good or bad, I use color to give emotion to the piece.  I know when people view my art; the colors and scenes may be interpreted differently from my original intent.  Occasionally, I go back and look through my portfolio.  What I take from it a year or so later, may have changed entirely from the impetus that made me paint it.  I guess how I look at things depends on where I am in my life.  That is why I love art.  Each time I go back and look at a piece, I find something different.  We all change as we live our lives.  With those changes, our perception changes.  Art is timeless.   It changes with us!

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